06-25-2014 - Q0
I've now setup so that NSFW and NSFL are auto flagged. (Drunken regex is magic)

This isnt an result from a specific incident, but I figure it would be nice to have for those of us that browse the quotes db while at work.

Though keep in mind, most of us are drunk while quotes are posted, so the general rule is to assume any link is nsfw.
06-15-2014 - Q0
Oh god. It's been one year...

We're now celebrating one year of drunken quotes

Cheers gentelmen [](/cheers)
(There's nobody else I'd rather watch BT with then you guys)
05-10-2014 - Q0
Holy shit. Now with moar colors.

I rethemed everything, give me a shout if you have any recommendations or issues.

Also Ctrl+F5 [](/f5) if you don't see it.
01-30-2014 - miggyb
Hey guys! I was bored yesterday so went through and fixed the spacing on all the quotes to make them easier to read. If you can take a couple of seconds before submitting something and turning this:

Into this:
<00:00:00> Username: message

It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
01-03-2014 - Q0
A note about flagging quotes:

If you see a quote that's a duplicate or incorrect feel free to flag it. However if you have personal objections or issues with a quote, please contact miggyb, Toastdeib or myself direct. If you don't and I see a flagged quote, there is no guarantee it'll be removed.
09-05-2013 - Q0
Due to the influx of spambots I've enabled captcha.


Hello! Enjoy our shitty drunken collection of quotes from BerryTube chat and it's associated IRC channels; feel free to add some of your own.

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Note: The quote is not removed from the database, it just puts a flag up for the admins to check it to verify that it is alright, it may or may not be removed.

Alot of people use emotes based on reddit and BerryTube chat. If you want to see (some of) the emotes install BetterPonyMotes and enable global parsing in settings.

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